"It's a labor of love for a perfect Earth, a spiritual teacher, the mother my soul remembers." --Linda Griffith

The Secret Life of Light is a collection of seventy-five images in three portfolios created during a year-long solitary journey to the Arctic Ocean. Photographed in 2008-2009 and completed in 2014, these places can never be revisited, the devastation of climatic change being fiercely underway and the extraordinary play of light with land and soul, already, irreversibly diminished. It has taken years to bring these images into public view, not just due to the sheer volume of photographs created and considered, but because of the strict editorial necessity of restraint: minimal adjustment out of respect for the landscape’s own delicate voice. The power of this work is in its purity through which the vibrational spirit transforms the viewer in a hypnotic dance beyond the veil.

"Beautiful, dramatic, haunting work..." --Daniel Sean Kaye

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Linda Griffith, B.F.A., L.C.S.W., D.C.S.W.
Tucson, Arizona
Aroostook County, Maine