All photographs are  printed using a cold laser process on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper, stable in home display under UV glass for a minimum of 100 years (200 years in dark storage). Watermarks do not appear on any purchased images and all photographs are unconditionally guaranteed to the full satisfaction of the collector.


(Contact the artist to acquire) 

Limited Editions are restricted in quantity by the ascending price structure (and advancing age of the artist) rather than by a predetermined quantity of prints. Also known as "Tiered Editions," they are the largest signed print size of an image available and handsomely reward collectors for quickly purchasing newly offered work while protecting investments from uncontrolled duplication.  A Limited Edition print is personally proofed by the artist, signed and numbered  en verso (en recto if requested).  Prices of all prints are initially (and thereafter) subject to upward revision through representation and, thus, Limited Edition prints can appreciate much more quickly than suggested by the table below. The artist supports consistent pricing across all venues. 


Print Number Price
No.1-No.7 $1200
No.8-No.15 $1800
No.16-No.23 $3000
No.24-No.31 $6000
No.31+ $TBA



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If, after purchasing, you would like the artist to sign your print,  please contact her  for the address to which you should ship the print, along with return postage.

Open Edition: The print is of the same archival quality as a Limited Edition print but  unnumbered, unsigned and identifiably smaller than the Limited Edition print offered for the same image. Open Editions are printed in accordance with the highest Limited Edition specifications but may or may not be proofed by the artist. While unrestricted in the number printed, Open Edition prints remain an excellent way to enjoy a high quality work of art at an affordable price. Please note that not every image is available at every size. Please refer to the list of sizes offered under each Open Edition image's "Buy" drop-down menu. Below are the general Open Edition prices:

 Paper Size Price
Larger Contact Artist
12" X 18" $350
10" X 15" $275
8" X 12" $135
6" X 9" $65
4" X 6" $25



Prints are ordered according to paper size. Images are centered on the paper with the original aspect ratio preserved at all sizes and with sufficient borders to permit matting with a relief and signature en recto (for Tiered Edition prints). The artist has provided the table below documenting the slight variations in image sizes printed on the same sized paper due to variations in cameras and resolutions.  Some images in very large sizes may be in poster format with larger borders (which should be apparent as pictured in the gallery). In rare circumstances other exceptions to the general sizes given below might also exist. If you need to know the precise image size for any particular photograph at a given paper size, please contact the artist, providing the title and paper size of interest.


Image Size >


Paper Size


2014-present where largest size exceeds 12"x18" 2007-2014 where largest size is 12"x18"

pre 2007 where largest size is 12"x18"

pre 2007 where largest  size is 10"x15"
24"x36" 21"x33"      
20"x30" 17.5"x27.5"      
16"x24" 14"x22"      
12"x18" 10.5"x16.5" 10.5"x17" 10.75"x13.75"  
10"x15" NA 8.76"x14.17" NA 7.75"x9.75"
8"x12" 7"x11" 7.17"x11.33" 7.17"x9.16" 6.2"x7.8"
6"x9" 5.25"x8.25" 5.38"x8.5" 5.38"x6.85" 4.65"x5.85"
4"x6" 3.5"x5.5" 3.59"x5.67" 3.58"x4.58" 3.1"x3.9"